Graduate RN and Graduate LPN Temporary Permit FAQs

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1.  Who is eligible for a temporary RN or LPN graduate permit?
New graduates who have completed a Board of Nursing approved nursing education program on or after March 10, 2020, are eligible to apply for the temporary graduate permit.
2.  What is the process to obtain a permit?
  • Verification of program completion by the Nursing Program Director (for NC graduates) or review of an official transcript (for out-of-state graduates).
  • Applicant completes the online application for licensure by examination.
  • Applicant completes the registration and payment for testing to Pearson VUE ($200).
  • Applicant submits the application for a criminal background check (CBC) ($38): Livescan for NC residents; complete and return the CBC packet if out-of-state resident.
  • A temporary NC (single state) permit will be issued by email within 10 days of all documentation being completed. 
3.  How long is the temporary permit valid?
The temporary permit is issued with an end date of six months, with no renewal option, and will be valid for that time until:
  • The graduate takes and passes the NCLEX examination and all requirements for CBC have been fulfilled.  Once all requirements for licensure are met, the temporary permit will be deactivated, and an NC permanent license will be issued.
  • The graduate takes and fails the NCLEX examination.  Upon electronic notification by Pearson VUE of a “Fail” score, NCBON will automatically deactivate the temporary permit. At that time, the graduate must be removed from the role by the employer and may not perform any nursing function. The graduate may work in an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) role but must meet all the requirements of that role.  For example, if hired as an NA II, the graduate must be listed on the NA II Registry.
4.  What does  “RN supervision” mean?
RN supervision means that there is an RN available to the graduate nurse at all times. How this supervision is implemented will depend on the agency/area of practice in which the new graduate is working.
5.  What is the New Graduate RN or LPN allowed to do?
The new graduate RN or LPN should do only those activities that they are competent to perform. The process for determining competency and the policies related to what activities the graduate nurse can perform need to be developed by the employing agency.
6.  What title is to be used for the graduate RN or LPN?
The title to be used is Graduate RN or Graduate LPN.
7.  How can a temporary permit be verified?
A temporary permit for the Graduate RN or LPN can be verified using the same system currently used for license verification on the NCBON website, and can be accessed at The verification will clearly identify the expiration date and the type of permit issued.